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Syriza Textile has segregated its Textile business into different areas, namely Designing, Dyeing, Printing, and Embroidery. Brief details of these divisions are as follows:

Syriza Textile

Dyeing Division:

This Division is equipped with a state of the art open width knitted fabric dyeing and processing unit. The plant possesses the capacity to dye and process 5,000 Mtr per day of tubular and open width fabric and is equipped with atmospheric and high temperature dyeing machines from the world-renowned MCS, who have also provided complete know how for setting up the project.

Printing Division:

Originally equipped with conventional chest Printing Machine only, the division currently possesses three completely automatic circular printing machines. Today, the division possesses the capacity to handle over 20,000 Mtr Fabric with complete print curing on fired dryers to ensure consistency of fabric and print shade.

Syriza Textile
Syriza Textile

Embroidery Division:

This division consists of 8 embroidery machines including 8 state of the art computerized Machines from Tajima, Japan for normal and chenille embroidery and three Laser appliqué cutting machines. While it is one of the largest Embroidery establishments in the city, the division primarily meets Syriza Textile embroidery needs.